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from typing import Union

[docs] class ImportsManager(): """ Class to save the imported modules information for intelligent import """ _external_libs = {"numpy": "np", "xarray": "xr"} _external_submodules = ["scipy"] _internal_libs = [ "functions", "statefuls", "external", "data", "lookups", "utils", "allocation", "model" ] def __init__(self): self._numpy, self._xarray = False, False self._functions, self._statefuls, self._external, self._data,\ self._lookups, self._utils, self._scipy, self._allocation,\ self._model =\ set(), set(), set(), set(), set(), set(), set(), set(), set()
[docs] def add(self, module: str, function: Union[str, None] = None) -> None: """ Add a function from module. Parameters ---------- module: str module name. function: str or None function name. If None module will be set to true. """ if function: getattr(self, f"_{module}").add(function) else: setattr(self, f"_{module}", True)
[docs] def get_header(self, outfile: str) -> str: """ Returns the importing information to print in the model file Parameters ---------- outfile: str Name of the outfile to print in the header. Returns ------- text: str Header of the translated model file. """ text =\ f'"""\nPython model \'{outfile}\'\nTranslated using PySD\n"""\n\n' text += "from pathlib import Path\n" for module, shortname in self._external_libs.items(): if getattr(self, f"_{module}"): text += f"import {module} as {shortname}\n" for module in self._external_submodules: if getattr(self, f"_{module}"): text += "from %(module)s import %(submodules)s\n" % { "module": module, "submodules": ", ".join(getattr(self, f"_{module}"))} text += "\n" for module in self._internal_libs: if getattr(self, f"_{module}"): text += "from pysd.py_backend.%(module)s import %(methods)s\n"\ % { "module": module, "methods": ", ".join(getattr(self, f"_{module}"))} text += "from pysd import Component\n" return text