Simulating System Dynamics Models in Python

This project is a simple library for running System Dynamics models in python, with the purpose of improving integration of Big Data and Machine Learning into the SD workflow.

PySD translates Vensim or XMILE model files into python modules, and provides methods to modify, simulate, and observe those translated models.

Additional Resources

PySD Cookbook

A cookbook of simple recipes for advanced data analytics using PySD is available at:

The cookbook includes models, sample data, and code in the form of ipython notebooks that demonstrate a variety of data integration and analysis tasks. These models can be executed on your local machine, and modified to suit your particular analysis requirements.


The code for this package is available at:

If you find a bug, or are interested in a particular feature, see the project’s issue tracker on github.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of PySD, see the Developer Documentation listed above, create a fork on github, and submit your pull requests when ready.


For additional help or consulting, contact

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