Reporting bugs

Before reporting any bug, please make sure that you are using the latest version of PySD, you can get your version by running python -m pysd -v on the command line.

All the bugs must be reported in the project’s issue tracker on github.

Bugs during translation

  1. Check the line where it happened and try to identify if it is due to a missing function or feature or for any other reason.
  2. See if there is any opened issue with the same of similar bug. If it is you can add there your specific problem.
  3. If there is no similar issue, open a new one. Try to use a descriptive title such us Missing subscripts support for Xmile models, avoid titles like Error when parsing Xmile model. Provide the given error information, and if possible, a small model reproducing the same error.

Bugs during runtime

  1. Check if similar bug has been detected on the issue tracker. If not open a new issue with a descriptive title.
  2. Provide the error information and all the relevant lines you used to execute the model.
  3. If possible provide a small model reproducing the bug.