Complementary Projects

The most valuable component for better integrating models with basically anything else is a standard language for communicating the structure of those models. That language is XMILE. The draft specifications for this have been finalized and the standard should be approved in the next few months.

A python library for analyzing system dynamics models called the Exploratory Modeling and Analysis (EMA) Workbench is being developed by Erik Pruyt and Jan Kwakkel at TU Delft. This package implements a variety of analysis methods that are unique to dynamic models, and could work very tightly with PySD.

An excellent javascript library called sd.js created by Bobby Powers at SDlabs exists as a standalone SD engine, and provides a beautiful front end. This front end could be rendered as an iPython widget to facilitate display of SD models.

The Behavior Analysis and Testing Software(BATS) delveloped by Gönenç Yücel includes a really neat method for categorizing behavior modes and exploring parameter space to determine the boundaries between them.